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Jacks or Better is played between you and the Dealer. You are dealt five cards in the first hand. When you receive your first hand, choose the cards to hold or discard.

The cards you discard are replaced with new ones from the deck. The objective is to complete the game with the strongest hand.
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Play Mobile Video Poker Now ! Available on iPhone, Android and more than 1600 devices !
Video poker is played like five card poker except you play it against a machine instead of other humans. There's no bluffing or trying to outsmart your opponents in video poker. Instead, your goal is to get the best five card poker hand possible and get paid for it.

It's a fun game and with the proper strategy, video poker is one of the few casino games where you may be able to get an edge over the house. There are many variations of video poker games with slight changes in the rules but they all follow this basic set of rules.

At the beginning of each round you place a bet by inserting coins into the machine of your choice. The number of coins you play dictates your payouts for winning hands. It's more expensive to play with more coins but it also raises your payouts when you bet more coins.

After you place your bet, you are dealt five random cards by the machine. You may select as many of these as you wish to hold and then discard the rest. The machine will then replace the cards you discarded with new random cards.

If you end up with a strong five card poker hand after drawing your new cards, you'll be paid out according to the game's pay table.