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Blackjack 2-80

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Mobile Blackjack 2-80

Some casino games were invented purely for the purpose of playing on a mobile and blackjack was certainly one of them. This version of the game, Blackjack €2-80 mobile allows those looking for a higher staked game, the chance to get some serious action.

In terms of graphics and game play, it is what it is – a mobile casino table game – which means you get the green felt topped table, images of playing cards and very simple buttons such as ‘hit’, ‘stand’. ‘double’ and ‘split’. Whilst the graphics will never blow you away, anybody who has played blackjack knows that this game is extremely fun and incredibly playable on your mobile.

The game works at a very decent speed meaning you can play plenty of hands over time and ensure that you are maximising your chances of turning a profit. It also works based on the usual blackjack rules.

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Blackjack is paid out at the standard 3:2, whilst if the dealer shows an Ace then you can make an insurance bet, in case they’re holding blackjack and this pays out at 2:1. Any normal hand that you win will pay out at 1:1. The fact you can bet each hand at the lowest stake of €2 means that even if you are a relative newcomer to blackjack, you can still get a game that suits you.

Anybody looking to play for free to get started can do so in the demo game but don’t get confused when you can start betting with €1000 as it’s just pretend cash and as soon as you start playing for real money the stakes will go down to the €80 mark.